Battalion 32 Wet Season Shirt
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Battalion 32 Wet Season Shirt

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Battalion 32 Wet Season Shirt

Battalion 32, also nicknamed "Buffalo Battalion", was a light infantry battalion of the South African Army, founded in 1975, which was composed of black and white commissioned and enlisted personnel.

32 Battalion was mainly deployed in southern Angola, acting as a buffer between the SADF's regular forces and its socialist enemies. The unit was also used to assist the anti-communist movement of the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola (UNITA). Although it was mainly used as a counter-insurgency force it was eventually also used as a semi-conventional force, especially during the later phases of the war - particularly at the Battle of Cuito Cuanavale.

The battalion consisted of around 600 riflemen and NCOs (mostly Angolan nationals associated with the former FNLA) and mainly South African officers, although commissioned military personnel from countries such as Portugal, Australia and the USA were active with the battalion, especially in its early stages. As time progressed a number of SNCOs (senior non-commissioned officers - sergeants and above), distinguished themselves and were commissioned. The unit was disbanded on 26 March 1993.(Sourced from Camopedia).


Features :-

  • Exposed five button front, exposed two button front chest pockets,cuffs and lapels.
  • Residue present from the placement of insignia, above the upper right chest pocket.
Jackets & Shirts
Armpit to Cuff 19.5"
Armpit to armpit 19.5"
Collar to Cuff 28.5"

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