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Battalion 32 Wet Season Shirt
Battalion 32, also nicknamed "Buffalo Battalion", was a light infantry battalion of the South Africa..
Ex Tax: £62.50
Belgian Windproof Smock
Belgian Windproof smock circa 1948 in Brushstroke Camouflage. Similiar in design to the WW2 British ..
Ex Tax: £291.67
British Trials S95 Field Jacket
British Army Trial Soldier 95, or S95 field jacket, in a very unusual extra large size. From Biceste..
Ex Tax: £37.50
Bulgarian Splinter Pattern Shirt
Bulgarian Splinter Pattern shirt, probably 1953 pattern. Obvious Germanic influence on the colo..
Ex Tax: £37.50
Canadian Dress Shirt
 This shirt makes up part of the Canadian Armed Forces No.3 Service Dress, No.3B worn..
Ex Tax: £41.67
Custom Slangvel Para Smock
This is an example of a custom hand painted SADF para smock.Originally Nutria Brown, the depth to th..
Ex Tax: £229.17
Desert Soldier 95 RAF Regiment Shirt
Nice original Desert DPM Soldier 95 RAF Regiment shirt. Badged to 2 Squadron - "The Five Miles Of..
Ex Tax: £20.83
Hungarian M49 Camouflage Jacket
Rare Hungarian M49 camouflague pattern combat jacket, reintroduced in 1982, in a modified form and n..
Ex Tax: £54.17
Polish Airborne Instructor's Jacket
Officially the wz68 Moro Ludowe Wojsko Polskie (LWP) pattern, the Polish Army "Worm" pattern was int..
Ex Tax: £54.17
Royal Thai Army SF Shirt
Royal Thai Army, SF, BDU jacket, in one of the many Thai leaf designs that incorporates some differe..
Ex Tax: £62.50
Russian Telnyashka Shirt
Possibly Soviet era. Awaiting product description. ..
Ex Tax: £12.50

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