US Nomex Flight Suit
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US Nomex Flight Suit

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US Nomex Flight Suit

Original Nomex flight shirt and trousers, a collectable relic from the Vietnam War, and a very difficult to find item. This is not to be confused with the common K2-B one-piece flight suit which this suit replaced.This two-piece suit can be seen worn by the pilots in the movie "Apocalypse Now".

Development of the olive green shade 106, two-piece, hot-weather, fire-retardant flight shirt and trousers began in 1967. It began arriving in Vietnam in late 1968, but did not reach in any numbers until 1969. Even then the suits were in short supply and aviators had to turn in their suits when departing Vietnam.The hip length shirt can be tucked in the trousers for flame protection, but was typically left hanging free for improved ventilation. On the ground the sleeves were usually rolled up above the elbows. When flying they were rolled down. The trousers where designed to be worn with high combat boots.These suits are becoming harder to find in this size and condition.

Features :-

  • Velcro secured flaps on the two breast pockets, and velcro secured sleeves with a pocket on the upper left shoulder slotted for pens.
  • Trousers have large Velcro secured pockets with vertical openings on the front of the thighs, and smaller pockets on the sides of the calves.
  • Trouser cuffs are closed with Velcro tabs.
  • Label is present, but faint.
Jackets & Shirts
Armpit to armpit 24"
Collar to hem 30.5"
Collar to Cuff 30"
Inside leg 32.5"
Total Length 44.5"
Waist 17.5"

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