French Algerian  "Lizard" Trousers
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French Algerian "Lizard" Trousers

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French Algerian "Lizard" Trousers

The first postwar French camouflage patterns began to emerge around 1951. One of the most commonly encountered of these patterns and one particularly associated with the Algerian War (1954-1962), is the striped or brushstroke pattern referred to in many historical and collecting circles as "Lizard" pattern.

This term is actually a reference to a nickname given to French paratroopers who wore the patterns during the Algerian War; the French themselves tended to refer to this series of camouflage designs as Camouflee de Leópard (Leopard Camouflage) and the uniforms as Tenue de Leópard (Leopard uniforms) or Tenue de Saut Camouflée (Camouflage Combat Uniforms). French "Leopard" camouflage saw production from 1951 until the middle of the 1970s and as a result there are a varied number of designs, colour combinations and fabrics that may be encountered by the researcher or collector.

These trousers are in the first pattern, classified as "A1" and variations can be found on the earliest Troupes Aéroportée (Airborne Troops) uniform, the TAP Mle 47, as well as some later models.

Features :-

  • Button fly and waist, with belt tabs to the waist line.
  • Two large cargo pockets to each leg.
  • Two rear pockets with tabs and slant pockets to each side at the waist line.
  • Button across tabs at the bottom of the trousers around the ankle line.
Inside Leg 27.5"
Outside leg 37.5"
Waist 31"

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