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British Artkis Customized Assault Vest
Unit bulk purchase Was DPM Desert over paint Very Isreali? Multiple pouches Advanc..
Ex Tax: £62.50
British Desert Shirt
"Granby" pattern Supercraft Garments Hereford cap badge sewn to bottom hem For ID purp..
Ex Tax: £37.50
CBA IS Armour Cover
Salt water corrosion  Non Standard faded label Marines? ​   ..
Ex Tax: £12.50
DPM AFV Tank Suit
Multi pockets  Utility  Drawstrings waist  Rear zip ..
Ex Tax: £29.17
DPM Custom Paint Assault Vest
Standard vest-Paint camo One of two vests from Disposals Hereford? Poole? Early deploymen..
Ex Tax: £37.50
DPM Modified Assault Vest
Lower pockets removed Light paint spray Adapted for belt order? Lower fittings removed ..
Ex Tax: £29.17
DPM Ripstop Field Jacket
Early Soldier '95 item Classic "bobbling" Modified-Issue hood sewn on Under rated historica..
Ex Tax: £37.50
DPM Sniper Smock
DPM colourway Padded elbows. Padded right chest and upper left shoulder. Multiple attachmen..
Ex Tax: £83.33
Dutch DPM Windproof Smock
Gaberdine Like British Limey colourway Dutch SF From DBEN collection ..
Ex Tax: £66.67
MTP '95 Shirt
Compass pocket Jungle warfare Salty Hereford?? It is what it is!! ..
Ex Tax: £12.50
MTP PCS Overdyed Blue Shirt
Overdyed Blue/GreenZone Introduced in 2009 Two large chest dump pockets Afghan ..
Ex Tax: £20.83
New Zealand DPM Flak Vest
New Zealand DPM? PASGT style. No labels. Could be after market Sold as New Zealand, not v..
Ex Tax: £145.83
New Zealand DPM GoreTex Jacket
Defence Property New Zealand The Great Outdoors Company Of New Zealand NSN 8405-98-108-0060 ..
Ex Tax: £70.83
New Zealand DPM Trousers
Like British Jungle No label present "Curry Powder" colourway ..
Ex Tax: £37.50
Royal Marine Fleet Protection Smock
Fleet protection Group Royal Marines Commachio Nuclear deterrent protection Group base..
Ex Tax: £54.17

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