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 African "Coffee Stain" Camouflage Shirt
Ripstop African/Asian Contract Mali Prominent care label ..
Ex Tax: £20.83
 Irish Desert Shirt
UN peace keeping Arid pattern Very limited production run '95 cut Carra/Seyntex 2007 da..
Ex Tax: £83.33
6 Color Desert Shirt
Early pattern "81 Dated Tennessee Apparel Corp. Somalia? From Aiddy's collection "Choc ..
Ex Tax: £83.33
Belgian Desert Camo Set
Current issue arid camo Used by BENELUX armed forces Currently being used by units in ISAF su..
Ex Tax: £66.67
British Artkis Customized Assault Vest
Unit bulk purchase Was DPM Desert over paint Very Isreali? Multiple pouches Advanc..
Ex Tax: £62.50
British Desert Flame Retardant Smock
Unusual label Canadian buttons Trials? Afghan? ..
Ex Tax: £41.67
British Desert Osprey Vest
This is an example of a Mk3 Modified Osprey body armour cover, the last version issued prior to the ..
Ex Tax: £50.00
British Desert Osprey Vest
Mk3 Modified Osprey body armour, the last version issued prior to the switch over to the current MTP..
Ex Tax: £50.00
British Desert Shirt
"Granby" pattern Supercraft Garments Hereford cap badge sewn to bottom hem For ID purp..
Ex Tax: £37.50
British Desert Temperate Smock
Aircrew Iraq Tiny size! Good label ..
Ex Tax: £54.17
Custom PLCE Desert Sprayed Webbing
Custom paint job Ammo Pouch Utility Bayonet Frog Side Pocket Unusual Was DPM original..
Ex Tax: £54.17
Desert DPM Wet Weather Trousers
Interim issue Afghan/Iraq Becoming scarce Nicely labeled ..
Ex Tax: £16.67
Desert KSK Flecktarn Smock
Custom build From DBEN Collection Bagram/OEF Over sized KSK Bring back item ..
Ex Tax: £125.00
Dutch Desert NBC Trousers
Colorway looks Dutch?? No label Swedish made brace adjuster Tri-color Any ideas? ..
Ex Tax: £37.50
Dutch Desert SF Set
3 color desert colorway SF issue Private label BV Excellent build construction From the V..
Ex Tax: £104.17

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